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    This manual does not attempt to resolve this debate. Hate crimes can also cause long­ term social and economic consequences such as a permanent decline in property value; lower tax revenues; scarcity of funds for rebuilding; and increased insurance rates. Brantley of the Critical Incident Response Group's Investigative Support Unit, FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia.It is also by no means meant to be an exhaustive representation of the problem or its solutions. It is intended to serve as a guide when conducting assessments of subjects suspected or known to be dangerous.The ICRC recognizes that while legislators and opponents of hate crimes share a concern about the seriousness and prevalence of hate crimes, there is an ongoing debate about the proper response. 3 In many instances, victims experience multiple attacks before deciding to report. A number of factors have been identified by researchers as risk indicators for future violence.Advocates of hate crime legislation contend that it is appropriate because it is consistent with an already existing national policy that prohibits bias­ motivated actions against protected classes. Hate crimes have the potential to ignite community disorder. They include past violence, substance abuse, mental disorders, brain damage, and a history of witnessing violence in the home.A Profile of Extremist Movements in America Recognize & Respond Hate Crimes Resource Manual FOURTH EDITION ­ November 1999 A Profile of Extremist Movements in America Recognize & Respond Hate Crimes Resource Manual Sandra D. Among the known perpetrators, 65% of those committing the acts are teenagers or young adults.Leek, Past Executive Director Editor­ in­ Chief Writers Martha Kenley, Supervising Attorney Ilya Klekovkin, Investigator Rebecca Dulin, Executive Assistant Bruce Jefferson, Deputy Director Layout and Design Ilya Klekovkin, Investigator Michael Stone, Consultant Burnetta Sloss­ Tanner, PEO Director Graphics Ilya Klekovkin, Investigator Michael Stone, Consultant Joseph Smith, Consultant Research Martha Kenley, Supervising Attorney Ilya Klekovkin, Investigator Rebecca Dulin, Executive Assistant Bruce Jefferson, Deputy Director Barbara Dobbins, Administrative Assistant Bradford Shockney, Investigator Cover Design Michael Stone, Consultant Joseph Smith, Consultant Ilya Klekovkin, Investigator Burnetta Sloss­ Tanner, PEO Director Printing Central Printing Group Publisher INDIANA CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION 100 N. us/icrc Preface Over the last decade, there has been a growing concern about hate crimes occurring nationwide and in Indiana. Of these perpetrators, 63% are white, and 27% are black.All readers of this manual are asked to look beyond separatist and extremist ideologies that divide, and to reach out for unity among our diverse communities. Pathological triad/ school problems ­ fire setting, enuresis, cruelty to animals, fighting, truancy, temper tantrums, inability to get along with others, rejection of authority . Negative images of Arabs and, by association, Arab Americans, are pervasive in broadcast and print outlets which capitalize on the tired cliches of Arabs as ruthless terrorists oil­ rich "sheikhs," desert Bedouins, greasy merchants, and so forth.The First Amendment protects thoughts and peaceable forms of expression. Hates Crimes Offender Types 5 6 Simon Wiesenthal Center republished (1997) from Klanwatch Intelligence Report ­ February, 1992 TARGETED GROUPS Arabs as Targets The problem of anti­ Arab discrimination is compounded by the rampant stereotypes of Arabs in the U. At the same time, there is almost a total absence of positive images of Arabs as loving parents, competent professionals, or conscientious citizens.

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    It provides information, ideas and resources for an in­ depth study of bias crimes and incidents in America. Anger/ low frustration tolerance ­ reacts to stress in self­ defeating ways, unable to effectively cope with anxiety, acts out when frustrated. Impulsive ­ is quick to act, wants immediate gratification, has poor judgment, has limited or impaired cognitive filtering (A­C vs. Emotional liability/ depression ­ quick­ tempered, short­ fused, hotheaded, "flick" rapid mood swings, mood, sullen, irritable, and humorless. Unidentified strangers, not organized groups, commit most hate crimes. In addition, hate crimes may involve the use of explosives, arson, weapons, and vandalism.The ICRC disclaims any and all responsibility or liability which may be asserted or claimed arising from or claimed to have arisen from reliance upon the procedures and information presented in this manual. The first, "Recognize," defines hate crimes, the nature and extent of the problem, potential trouble dates, common characteristics of offenders, and identifies specific extremist groups. Overly sensitive ­ hypersensitive to criticism and real or perceived slights, suspicious, fearful, distrustful, and paranoid.The next section, "Respond,"provides information about what legislative bodies, communities and individuals have done or can do to counteract the effect of hate­ crimes. Altered consciousness ­ sees red, "blanking,"blackouts, derealization or depersonalization (" it's like I wasn't there; it was me but not me"), impaired reality testing, hallucinations.

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