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    To create a table, select all the data you want to turn into a chart. It is therefore to help each other by sharing your knowledge for free. I think it’s great because it allows me to practice and make friends with people from around the world.

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    Scenes of Tristan plummeting deep into madness and slowly groping his way back—scenes Pitt considered essential to Tristan’s eventual redemption—didn’t make it. I wouldn’t have shown so much.”In Springfield, Missouri, where Pitt grew up, showing too much was not the style.Zwick says he had to cut them to develop other characters. “By taking out so much as they did, the movie becomes too mushy, ‘cause there’s no space in between the mush,” says Pitt, twisting in his chair. “If I’d known where it was going to end up, I would have really fought against the cheese. Snapshots of Pitt in Springfield: Loved girls, “was always completely intrigued, taken over, would do anything for ‘em,” he says. Rites of passage: Owning a BB gun, then a shotgun; camping out solo for the first time. Good The last time you meet Brad Pitt, you think, Brad Pitt is a happy man.First car: A Buick Centurion 455 handed down from his folks. I think that’s what you’re looking for, is something big. He greets you in the same clothes he wore the night before. The kitchen shelves, which were empty but for dozens of cans of dog food, are now empty but for dog food and a row of beeswax-and-oil wood polish. I was really into that.” The cold cuts sit expectantly in the fridge, but Pitt does not return. Most people on a scenic drive in Los Angeles would head for the beach, or up into the hills, where mansions sit like monarch butterflies. ” Another guy walks over, the burly lead singer for the band warming up across the room. After the fans leave, Pitt says, “Tex.” Significant pause.“But a two-door, so it was just passable enough.”Heard Elton John’s song “Daniel,” bought the which he saw with his parents at the drive-in, downing popcorn and Kool-Aid and sitting on the hood of the car. The fridge has sprouted food, too—four packets of lunchmeat, cans of Coke, mustard. Pitt, however, drives downtown, eyes the neon-lit bodegas, checks out the men leaning on their cars in front of the cantinas. “From Minnesota.”But Pitt is ready to head home now. You keep thinking about something Pitt said earlier, about how on the boy who plays Tristan’s son didn’t want to do a scene where he rides a horse.Though he appreciates the way he grew up, “because it kept my mind on bigger things,” he also admits he would sit in church wishing he could let out a whoop or a fart, “stand up and yell, ‘It was me! ’ The preacher would pick someone to read the final prayer, and I would go into a sweat, afraid he would pick me. alone, a scant two credits shy of graduation.“You keep finding things in little increments,” Pitt says. Not caged in like a bird, which blows my mind, cutting its wings. All us young actors, we have causes, that’s going to be my cause. Later you ask, gently, “Would you say you’ve had a hard life, Brad? That’s why a lot of them don’t survive it,” he answers. And, if all goes as planned, he will suffer less emotional turmoil than he did during “The guy’s got no problems, that’s the key thing,” Pitt says. Just see if I can say those lines, get the killer.”He goes into a dark bar, where he drinks a dark beer. But I’m going to ride on the horse, because I like the horse.” And that was it. But if anyone could find it still, it would be Brad Pitt. I would sit there and say, ‘Please, God, not me.’ That was my final prayer.”Pitt left home for college, as many young men do—in his case, the University of Missouri at Columbia, where he studied, of all things, journalism with a focus on advertising. “Each one of those little increments led me to saying, You know what? I want to go over there and see what that’s all about. She has her own views, and I respected those views. It was one of the greatest relationships I’ve ever been in. Way too casually, a guy approaches, and asks Pitt for a cigarette. The kid rode the horse.“See, what they were doing to him when I walked up was going [high, mingy voice], ‘But don’t you want to ride on the horse? Na-na-*na-*¬na-na.’ Talking to him like a moron, you know? “That’s when we went for our little walk and I told him, ‘You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.’ It’s that simple.”“Is it? “Brad has great artistic impulses, great instincts.But in the acting world, he skipped a lot of steps.

    The majority of people are right, coming from where they’re coming from, no matter how morally incorrect, or politically incorrect, or status-quo incorrect it seems. Have you read a book called Really interesting.”“What is it? Some people are good at finding it quickly, some never find it. But does he think his physiognomy played no part in it? We were staring at Brad, and we all agreed he could change a woman’s mind.” “Pitt’s beauty works for Tristan in because it defines Tristan’s separateness,” Jim Harrison says.He drops his rations on the table: a Big Gulp Mountain Dew, a pack of gum, several packs of cigarettes. And yet, after two hours of conversation, when lesser men would be hissing like a boiling saucepan, Pitt sits perfectly still, uttering sentences as insubstantial as dust motes.“The thing about these articles, I sit down and give my life views, and it sounds like I’m walking around like a prophet,” Pitt says. ’ I don’t know, I like a bunch of ‘em.”Under the druggie diction, beneath the bale of bleached-blond hair, Pitt is murderously handsome.He sucks on the Big Gulp, pops a stick of gum into his mouth, lights a cigarette, and orders a caffè latte. “And that’s not true, ‘cause most of the time I’m out cutting up and laughing and speeding in my car and whatever, whatever, whatever. As tall and lean as a deer rifle, he has a way of looking at you out of the corner of his Popsicle-blue eyes, a way of touching his chest while he formulates his nonanswers, a way of suddenly grinning through his cigarette smoke. It’s ridiculously appealing.“What Brad does that you can’t learn—James Dean did it really well, and Nicholson—is that he knows how to do nothing when he’s not talking,” says Jim Harrison, who wrote the novella upon which Pitt’s next film, producer and mega-mogul David Geffen.opening this month, Brad Pitt is the hottest young heartthrob to hit the screen in years.Visiting the nascent superstar in his new terraced and balconied hillside home, Johanna Schneller explores how a monosyllabic Missouri boy caused so much commotion in Hollywood—without even trying.

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